Katy Perry Rocks Paris Fashion Week in Two Different Looks With Style, Kim K and Perry Seems To Have Hit It Off Well!


Katy seems to have devoted a lot of time to make sure that she looked good while letting her hair down and enjoying. She uploaded a photo on a social networking site, of herself, enjoying a cupping session. Cupping is not new when it comes to the Hollywood celebrities. Cupping is a big favourite of stars, with Gywneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham swearing by it. Actress Jennifer Aniston was also spotted at an award function with cupping marks on her shoulder.

This therapeutic treatment is said to be a great way to beat stress and fatigue. It also helps to detoxify the body and relieves shoulder and back pains. Katy, however, uploaded a photo of getting a cupping session on her feet. This was her way to make sure that she can wear those killer heels and not have her fun time marred by feet aches and cramps.

Katy Perry met Kim K and Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week and the two ladies had a good time together.

Katy Perry had recently had her hair coloured lilac and fans loved it. It suited her quirky personality. With the Paris Fashion Week, she has gone back to her jet black hair and we are now waiting for what she has planned for the future.