Katy Perry: Denied By The Trademark Office, Unveils New Costumes On Tour, And More Details!

Katy Perry kicked off the fifth leg of her Prismatic World Tour in China and of course she had with her a slew of costumes. Katy, who is fondly known as Fruit Sister in China had her make-up and hair and accessories perfectly matched up with her different costumes.

The fans noticed that while her wigs and accessories were taken from previous performances in the tour, her costumes were changed this time round. She had earlier donned the green wig with florescent thigh high socks and a leafy croptop and hotpants, but this time she wore the green wig with a pain splatter dress in neon.

Katy Perry is known for her cat suit paired with a cat ear. This time Katy unveiled a new cat-centric costume. She had a glowing ponytail to go with it as well. This costume seems to have been traded for the glowing metallic skirt from Roberto Cavalli that she has previously worn.

Katy wore a green sheer gown with sunflowers appliqués on it. She placed a rainbow dyed wig on her head to go with the dress. Katy Perry will be on tour in China till the middle of May. So we can expect some more costumes.

In other news, Winnipeg Jet Fans tried to tease Duck forward Corey Perry, by chanting ‘Katy Perry,’ but it seemed like the chants worked as magic for the Ducks as they defeated the Jets 3-0.