Justin Bieber: Rooting for “A Bridge Over You” to Top Sales Charts on Christmas, Current Hookup with Kourtney Kardashian Upsets Ex-Lover Selena Gomez!

She had earlier reacted violently when she came to know about the whole thing and even sent a series of angry text messages to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber sating that she felt used. Bieber reportedly answered her texts by stating that this was the way business worked which meant that he has been doing the whole thing for publicity. This hurt Selena even more as she previously thought that Bieber was trying to get her back in his life.

The whole matter might be a heartbreak for Selena Gomez, but her best buddy Taylor Swift believes that it has been a good thing for Selena as not having Justin back in her life could ultimately turn out to be beneficial for the “Hands to Myself” hit-maker.

She was never really a fan of the Bieber-Selena relationship; however, it now seems that the Love Story singer is quite in favor of Selena’s current relationship with Niall Horan. She is of the opinion that Niall Horan is the right guy to help Selena get over Bieber.

She has seen that having Niall in her life is turning out to be a good thing for Selena as the One Direction singer’s constant love and affection is helping her heal from within.

Taylor Swift is hoping that this relationship works out and believes that Niall Horan is a perfect boyfriend material. The singer herself is in a great relationship with Calvin Harris and she wants Selena Gomez to have the same kind of relation with Horan and get all the happiness that she deserves.

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