Jurassic World: Breaks Marvel’s Opening Week Record at the Box Office, References Made To Jurassic Park, And More

In Jurassic Park, we got a lot of hints regarding the fury of T-Rex before he was eventually seen in full glory! In one instance, there was a goat attached to a rope that eventually disappeared. In Jurassic World, the boys visit T-Rex and a live goat is seen once again. However, seconds later it is devoured by the Indominus.

Originally, Spielberg wanted to introduce a baby Triceratops in the first movie. That scene was cut but it finally makes an appearance in the Jurassic World petting zoo. The Dilophosaurus was the reason behind the death of the villainous Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight).

Near the end of the film, he is presented in a holographic form, confusing a Velociraptor. The famous Jurassic Park mosquito makes cameo appearances in Jurassic World, with giant statues all over the place.

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