JoJo Heads Out To The Hometown Dates In The Bachelorette 2016 Episode 8, Talks To Robby About The Situation With His Ex!

The fourth and final hometown date stop for The Bachelorette 2016 Episode 8 is Texas. JoJo meets Luke and gears up to meet his family. Unlike the other boys, who had introduced JoJo to only their immediate family, Luke invites his whole bunch of friends for a barbecue. While JoJo understands his connection with all those present, she does feel a little overwhelmed.

Luke has something romantic planned for the two of them later in the evening. He takes JoJo horse-back riding and takes her to a field where he had a heart made of flowers. He takes the opportunity to come clean with his feelings for JoJo. This would be the first time that Luke has come out to talk about his feelings in The Bachelorette 2016.

The Rose ceremony was supposed to take place at an airport hangar so that JoJo could jet-set away with the three men of her choice. According to People Magazine, JoJo had been blogging about her experience while it was happening and she had made up her mind to send Luke home.

However, that didn’t end up happening. Luke requests to speak to her confesses about his feelings. Luke has always been silent, and the fact that he could take that much effort wins JoJo over.

None of the guys end up getting the Rose in The Bachelorette 2016 Episode 8.

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