Gamers Get The Option To Expand Their League In NBA 2K17, Design The Logo And Jersey For The New Teams, Watch Kobe Bryant Shoot Some Loops!

There are new updates for the players of NBA 2K17. According to Fox Sports, there is a new feature that has been added to the game where the gamers can create an entire league of their own or add expansion teams to their existing league. The possibilities are numerous since the players can design their very own team logo and jerseys.

Reports are suggesting that NBA 2K17 is going to be added to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The gamers will also be able to enjoy NBA 2K17 on their Windows desktop. It has been reported that NBA 2K17 is going to release on September 20th on all the gaming portals.

Erik Boenisch, the senior producer on NBA 2K17, introduced the fans to the upcoming game. He said that the team at Visual Concepts had been working hard to prepare the game for the fans and introduced them to what is new in NBA 2K17. Boenisch said that he has been talking about MyLEAGUE and MyGM.

He confessed to being over enthusiastic about both these modes and believed himself lucky to be working with a team that is equally dedicated and passionate. The team at Virtual Concept have worked hard on these two modes, and there is another aspect of the game that they have completely revamped for NBA 2K17, and that is the League Expansion.

This is an entirely new feature to be added to NBA 2K17, and it allows the players to expand their league beyond the limited 30 teams in the NBA.  There are a few options that players get when they create their new MyGM and MyLEAGUE, and some of the options include starting a league with the 30 team NBAs, as is currently structured.

Players also have the chance to choose the option where they can start a league with Expansion and increase the number of teams from 30 to 36, all of which can be designed and prepared by them.

There is a third option where the players can start with a customized league, which will allow 36 teams. The players have the freedom to work their Classic trams, their Expansion teams, their Euroleague, Rebranded NBA teams altogether if they so wish.

The players have the ability to control all the art between the logos and jersey in NBA 2K17. However, if this task ends up becoming a little too overwhelming for them they can also go for the ten pre-built fictional teams that are already available on NBA 2K17. For this, all they have to do is choose their favorite teams, and they can start playing with them.

However, if the players want to go ahead with their very own teams, then they can go through the NBA community for uploaded team designs and choose whichever they like and use that for their teams. This not only makes the NBA 2K17 community work together but also makes the game interesting.

As Sporting News reported, there is more to NBA 2K17 than just creating and expanding the teams. The teams that the gamers make will require players, and this is going to be made possible with the Expansion Drafts.

The league will approve expansion franchises dynamically, and when that happens, the gamers will have to make tough decisions.

They will have to think like the management of the teams and decide which players they want to protect and which players they need to expose for the Expansion Draft. While this isn’t likely to happen very often, there is a chance that when it does, it is going to shake completely up the league that the gamers would have created in NBA 2K17.