Gamers Get The Option To Expand Their League In NBA 2K17, Design The Logo And Jersey For The New Teams, Watch Kobe Bryant Shoot Some Loops!

Kobe Bryant ended his NBA career in April 2016, and many felt that the player is going to be left out of the NBA 2K17. However, that didn’t happen. NBA 2K17 ended up carrying the message #LegendLiveOn and gamers will be able to include Kobe Bryant in their team and go ahead and make him shoot hoops.

There is a rumor that the delay for the release of NBA 2K17 is being caused by the delay in Kevin Durant’s decision to join Golden State Warriors. Many of his fans have expressed their worry that the game might come out soon, and it will not feature Durant in his new team. NBA 2K17 is yet to be released, and Durant is yet to move to Golden State Warriors, but there has been no official confirmation and denial of this rumor.

NB 2K17 is expected to pack in a lot of other features, but the developers have been tight-lipped about it since they don’t want the fans to get over the excitement and surprise. They are expected to come out with more scoops before the official launch.

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