John Wick 2: Ruby Rose Joining the Star Cast, Production Underway In New York, Leitch Will Not Be Directing!

The announcement of John Wick 2 returning with Keanu Reeves had already gotten the fans excited. Now there’s even more reason to cheer since Maxim has announced that Ruby Rose from the popular series Orange is the New Black is going to be joining the star cast.

The buzz about John Wick 2 had started a few months back when Chad Stahelski and David Leitch had informed the media that are open to directing another John Wick 2. The director duo was absolutely new when they came out with John Wick and the film was a massive success.

John Wick starred Keanu Reeves in the role of an ex-assassin, who gets back into the business and seeks revenge when his puppy is killed by some guys. The plot didn’t seem to be such a great thing when people first heard of it, but once they were there and got the chance to see the film they were won over.

Chad Stahelski and David Leitch had said that they have a few ideas in their mind about what should John Wick 2 be like, but they have still not zeroed down on anything particular. They were skeptical about composing a story that mediocre or inferior to the first one, lest it fails.

The directors also said that the first keen that they feel wins over the audience are the characters. John Wick was a huge success since Keanu Reeves’ character could attract the viewers into his world. It is not the action in the film that keeps the film from failing in the box-office. It is rather the characters involved in that action who make all the difference.

There seemed to be a concrete idea that John Wick 2 is the horizon, but nothing solid from the production house. However, EW has reported that John Wick 2 is in production in New York already and there are possibilities of the cast and crew heading to Rome to shoot some parts of the film.

However, there is sad news for the fans. It looks like John Wick 2 is going to be directed by Chad Stahelski since David Leitch is not involved in the project currently. Leitch has reportedly left the project to go ahead and direct The Coldest City.

Derek Kolstad, who worked on the screenplay for the first film will be returning for John Wick 2. When asked about the plot for the upcoming movie, Kolstad didn’t let out any scoops, just mentioning that the film will follow the ex-hitman while he seeks revenge from the people who had taken away his everything.

Fans are hopeful that as the production for the film continues there are going to be more information coming out from the sets and they will help them a get a clearer picture of what to expect from John Wick 2.

Keanu Reeves had already announced that he will be involved with John Wick 2 and now there are reports that Ruby Rose is also on board.

The news that she was a part of the upcoming movie was first disclosed by the Australian actress on her Instagram page. She shared a photo of the report confirming the news with her fans.

Ruby Rose shot to fame with Orange is the New Black Season 3 where she played the role of Stella Carlin. There has been no stopping this talented actress since then. Ruby Rose is currently shooting in Cape Town for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, where she plays the role of Abigail.