Jim Parsons: Series Reaches 200th Episode, Matching Outfit with Mayim Bialik, Valentine’s Day Episode Set to Be Interesting!

The Big Bang Theory is all ready for its 200th episode and the actors are super excited. Both Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons who play the role of Penny and Sheldon in the series respectively, shared photos from the shoot.

On the occasion of the 200th episode, the showrunners have decided to bring in actors like Jon Ross Bowie, Sara Gilbert, Christine Baranski and Wil Wheaton to reprise their roles.

The regular viewers of The Big Bang Theory will recall that Bowie plays the role of Barry, while Baranski is known as Beverly, Gilbert is going to play the role of Leslie while Wheaton will play himself in the series. Apart from the regular characters, the special 200th episode will also bring in Adam West who is known for his role in Batman.

Clearly Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco are super excited about the 200th episode from the series and it is very evident from the photos that the two of them have been posting. Kaley Cuoco stated that she could hardly believe that it was happening and thanked the fans for supporting them. Jim Parsons also shared a selfie with the script for the 200th episode on his Instagram page.

The upcoming episode of Season 9 will show the Valentine’s Day celebration and with every character having a partner this year, it’s going to be interesting to watch what the showrunners have planned. International Business Times has revealed that each character is going to be tested in episode 15.

Jim Parsons’ Sheldon and Mayim Bialik are going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day for the first time and they plan to do so with a brand new episode of Fun with Flags. Given that the two of them hadn’t been hosting the show for so long since they had broken up; it will be interesting to watch what they have in store.

Fans are also going to be interested to see how Jim Parsons’ Sheldon decides to spice up Valentine’s Day now that they are together and Sheldon is going all out to make up the day special for Amy. While Sheldon and Amy are going to have a good day, things aren’t going to be thatgood for the other couples.

While Raj (Kunal Nayyar) struggles to decide between Emily (Laura Spencer) and the girl he has met at the comic store. The series is now going to be dealing with the story line of Raj and this episode is going to be the beginning of this arc. Emily and Raj haven’t had a very romantic lead up to their story and it is about time that their feeling for each other and their future together is dealt with.

With Penny and Leonard, Wolowitz and Bernadette and now even Sheldon and Amy sorted out; it is time that the series gives some attention to Raj’s plot. There are scoops that indicate that Raj is going to break up with Emily and it is going to be a big deal for him.

He still doesn’t realize how a girl like Emily would have fallen for him and to take the decision to break up with her is a big one for him.

There is another scoop that reveals that Sheldon and Amy might not have that good a Valentine’s Day and something will happen in the course of the episode that will test their relationship to a greater extent than when Meemaw (June Squibb) had come in to visit Sheldon and had ended up revealing that she didn’t want Sheldon to continue with Amy.