Jill Zarin Likely to Make a Comeback in The Real Housewives Of New York Season 8, Quick Recap of Episode 11, Synopsis for Next Episode Revealed!

Carole and her boyfriend- Adam also went with Bethenny and her boyfriend whose name is Dennis Shields. Carole stated that Dennis was an amazing guy. Dennis Shields is a banker and Bethenny and him have been dating since the previous year.

Apparently, Shields wants to get married to Bethenny. However, Shields is a married guy and Bethenny to has a husband and thus it will not be easy for the two of them to tie the knots anytime soon.

Ramona was seen warning Luann about Tom. She stated that Tom was not the loyal kind. Instead, he is a player who loves to switch from one woman to another. However, Luann did not appear to have been bothered by the warning.

Carole was also seen sharing with Bethenny how a foster cat taught her a lot about herself. She stated that she once became quite attached to a kitten that she was fostering. She wanted to adopt it and keep it with her. However, she was later informed that she will not be able to keep it as it would go back to the family that adopted it in the first place.

She stated that she did not get a chance to say goodbye to the kitten which made her realize that she often becomes attached to temporary things in her life.

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