Jesse Eisenberg to Characterize Lex Luthor in Justice League: Part One, Darkseid Won’t Be THE Main Villain!

According to Cosmic Book News, the chief creative officer and comic book writer of DCEU, Mr. Geoff Johns, declared that DCEU will be much brighter and more fun in setting. The DC universe has always featured a dark atmospheric tone and this sounds quite the opposite. It remains to be seen whether the fans and critics will like such an initiative.

A report from Birth Movies Death indicates that Darkseid will play a role in the film but Steppenwolf, his relative, will be the main villain. He is an immortal with superhuman endurance, speed, strength, reflexes and he is an immensely talented military leader. Steppenwolf will be a great match for Justice League and it should prepare them well for Darkseid’s arrival.

Meanwhile, other reports suggest that Charles Roven will be involved in the film but he will be more of an executive producer instead of being directly involved in production. Speculations suggest that this happened due to the lack of success in Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice.

Fans were anticipating this movie since they expected it to be an epic start to the Justice League adventure. Sadly, the film received mixed reviews and this resulted in the earnings dropping drastically.

It is expected that Justice League: Part One will hit theaters on 16th November 2017. In other news, Affleck said that he loves Geoff Jones and his writings and moreover, he loves DC. He loves DC and feels great to be a part of the DC Universe.

Stay tuned for more updates on Justice League: Part One!