Jay Garrick Will Be Appearing in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, New Villain Will to be a Much Bigger Element Compared to Vandal Savage!

Marc Guggenheim talked to The Hollywood Reporter regarding the major upcoming villain in Season 2. According to him, with the words in the finale, a very deep flag was planted, suggesting where they are headed to in Season 2.

This is not just involved with Hourman being introduced but also pertains to the overall introduction of his Justice Society of America teammates. Guggenheim believes it is common knowledge among fans that Justice Society is the actual forerunner of Justice League. While talking about the threat, he revealed that the villain will be much, much bigger.

When he is finally revealed, the entire thing will be pretty big. Once people get to see the big picture, Vandal will soon be forgotten. He guaranteed that it will be much bigger than whatever fans have imagined.

In the end, the final episode deserves a lot of credit since it set the stage brilliantly, for the arrival of Season 2. With Vandal Savage killed off, the weaker elements were discarded while Hawkgirl and Hawkman are out of the show.

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