Jared Leto Is Extremely Intense About His Suicide Squad Portrayal of the Joker, He and Mark Ruffalo Decide To Visit Comic-Con in Disguise, More Details

It was narrated by Jared Leto, the Oscar-winner actor and it provides an immersive experience where viewers are taken to the heart of the Arctic in order to highlight some devastating effects.

The upcoming climate negotiations in Paris should be impacted by this PSA. It presents an exclusive opportunity to tackle the various dangers and take immediate action before things get worse.

Jared Leto did a Q&A with his fans during a recent concert and many interesting details popped out of it. Firstly, he responded to a fan wearing a Batman shirt, saying that he is really brave and he can’t wait for him to see this. He further continued saying that he will be locked away in a box after this movie comes out.

Joker’s deranged laugh was further demonstrated by Leto. His antics as Joker have spread throughout the internet, especially after he proved how crazy he really can be. At the Dubai Music Week, he decided to perform as Jared instead of Joker which was quite a thankful offering for fans who thought Leto had completely disappeared into The Joker.

From all of this, it is clear that Jared Leto will no doubt present a formidable Joker, not unlike the one we saw in The Dark Knight and perhaps even better.

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