Jared Leto Is Extremely Intense About His Suicide Squad Portrayal of the Joker, He and Mark Ruffalo Decide To Visit Comic-Con in Disguise, More Details

Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo recently disguised themselves in order to participate in New York Comic Con in a peaceful manner. One of the great things about these actors is that they disguised themselves in plain sight.

They chose to wear elaborate masks in order to hide their true identity. Jared Leto will be appearing as Joker in the Suicide Squad Film coming soon and he was dressed in a disguise while walking the floor of New York Comic-Con last weekend.

Leto decided to take the appearance of Mandrill, which is a category of baboon that is similar to Rafiki, shown in The Lion King.  Leto further took pictures with cosplayers who were dressed like Harley Quinn and Joker from DC Comics, but they had no idea about it, according to Leto.

In the meantime, Mark Ruffalo decided to spend some quality incognito time with his son and showed up at New York Comic-Con wearing a Luigi Mask, so that he could enjoy the convention at peace.

Jared Leto shaved his entire body and lost 30 pounds in order to play his role in Dallas Buyers Club while he refused to break character during the entire time he was filming the drama. During his follow-up role in the upcoming Suicide Squad, Leto decided to take his role as the iconic Super-villain Joker quite seriously, especially regarding his transformation.

Will Smith plays Deadshot, Jared’s co-star in Suicide Squad and he said that Leto disappeared so much into his character of Joker that he still doesn’t know how Jared is, in his real life.

Smith revealed during a Beats 1 interview on Monday that he never met Jared before but he worked with him for six months and they have literally never shared more than two words, which are ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’.

According to Will Smith, he has literally never been acquainted with Jared. When he meets Jared for the first time, he’ll be like ‘Hey Jared! What’s up?’ Jared was full into his Joker role, which resulted in this. Adam Beach plays Slipknot and he is Leto and Smith’s co-actor in Suicide Squad. He revealed that Leto sent out gifts in character as well.

Margot Robbie received a nice letter from him with a black box that contained a live rat in it. He also sent bullets to Will Smith with a letter as well. Beach further explained that Leto had sent the cast a video along with a ‘dead hog’.

He further decided to explain one of Leto’s cryptic gestures which suggested that Leto wanted all the guys to know that he was doing his work hard as any of them.

The video showcased him in character and it literally blew their mind. After that day, they realized that it was real. In the meantime, keep in mind that Leto is not the first character to have disappeared into the role of Joker.

Heath Ledger kept a diary of the character when filming Dark Knight. Kim, Ledger’s father revealed that he pretty much locked himself up in his apartment or hotel for around a month, in order to galvanize the character of Joker in his head.

This was actually what Heath did in any movie. It was undoubtedly a whole new level and Heath Ledger immersed himself in all his upcoming characters.

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