Jared Leto: Being the Joker, Answers Fans and Set to Feature In an Upcoming Thriller, More Information

Leto took the event to showcase the final screening of Artifact, which is a documentary shot by Jared Leto under a false name. It chronicles how the band was sued by their record company EMI for over US$30 million.

Jared Leto expressed a desire to make a documentary on the Middle East. He said that America and the Middle East have a very complicated relationship, but it is funny how much the two countries have in common. He said that the governments were stupid to fight and it he is going to come back and visit all the great places in the region.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins has become the sensation in the book world and is believed to be the next thing to Gone Girl. There were talks about the book being turned into a film and the news is finally official.

The film is going to be directed by Tate Taylor, who directed The Help. Haley Bennett, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson are some of the names associated with the film. Vanity Fair has reported that Jared Leto and Chris Evans are being considered for the two primary male roles in the film adaptation of The Girl on the Train.

Jared Leto is believed will play the role of Scott, who is the ex-husband of Megan, played by Haley Bennet. Chris Evans is going to be Tom, who is the ex-husband of Rachel, played by Emily Blunt and the present husband of Anna played by Rebecca Ferguson.

Those who have read the thriller will be aware of how complicated each of these roles become once the plot starts to roll. The film will be set in New York, even though the book is based in London. Emily Blunt has reported said that she will have to develop a British accent for the film.

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