Jaden Smith Doesn’t Care About Criticism, Wants To Break Gender Notions In Fashion, Releases New Video On His Birthday!

Unlike the other Netflix series, The Get Down is going to split into two parts. While the first half of six episodes will be out by August, the remaining will be out only in 2017. Apart from Jaden Smith, the series will star Giancarlo Esposito and many young actors. It is going to include Tremaine Brown Jr., Shameik Moore, Justice Smith and Skylan Brooks.

In his personal life, Jaden Smith had been dating model Sarah Snyder since September last year, and everyone would agree that they look adorable together. However, there are some rumors suggesting that Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder might have hit a rough patch since Sarah was absent on the day of Jaden’s birthday.

Mobile Napps reported that Jaden Smith was spotted heading to his hotel in England with a mystery brunette. She was dressed in a skimpy outfit and had on high stilettoes. Jaden Smith was wearing a black outfit with a cap, bomber jacket, and skinny jeans. However, the two seem to be together since they were spotted after his birthday, enjoying a quiet sushi dinner and engaging in some mushy moment on a roadside bench.

Jaden Smith is a very promising young man, and his fans are looking forward to great things from him. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Jaden Smith.