Jack Snyder Commended Jared Leto for His Role as The Joker, Dc Comic Plans Bigger Things for The Character!

They know that Jared Leto’s character might be the big ticket that DC Comic has been waiting for and they are keeping the character away from the public eye so that there is a hype created around it.

DC Comic is thinking of teaming Lex Luthor with Joker. Lex Luthor is going to be played by Jesse Eisenberg. There are rumors stating that the two of them will meet at a prison and then form an alliance. This side of the story is likely to be explored in the upcoming films of the DC Comic universe and this is one reason that Joker hasn’t been brought much into the public eye.

Jared Leto has spoken about his role at the Oscar red carpet. He said that it was fun interacting with the cast members through the character of the eye. He said that it was a task playing the character since it was unlike any other that has he has ever played.

Jared Leto might have transformed himself for the role of Joker, but he cleans up really good as can be seen in his Oscar red carpet appearance. He made it to the list of one of the best dressed actors in the industry.

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