Iron Man 4: Robert Downey Jr. Not Confirmed Yet, Actor Gifts Smiles to a Kid, And More

To gift the 7 year old something special, Robert Downey Jr. sat down with the little boy to open the shiny silver case and reveal the arm. After the arm was worn by Alex, the two bumped each other’s robot hand, and Downey complains that Alex’s arm was better than his own. Founder of Limbitless solutions, Albert Manero confirmed that the design was approved by Marvel and is described as “Tony Stark- approved”.

It will be disheartening seeing someone else playing Iron Man’s role and actors will have a tough time living up to the legacy. The role of Iron Man has always been physically challenging, but you never know with Robert Downey Jr. He might not be ready to hang his Iron Man boots yet. Until official news, let’s keep our fingers crossed!