Iron Man 4: Robert Downey Jr. Might Not Reprise His Role in The Movie, Marvel Might Rope in Ty Simpkins as His Replacement for the Role of Iron Man!

This Captain America film which is titled, Captain America: Civil War is the third installment in the Captain America franchise of movies. The movie is set to hit the big screen in May 2016.

Another movie in which Downey Jr. will make an appearance as the armored superhero is the third iteration of Avengers that is titled- Avengers: Infinity War. Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Apparently, Marvel studios is worried about Downey Jr.’s departure from the Iron Man franchise. The studio is reportedly trying to persuade the actor to reprise his role in Iron Man 4. It even offered a whopping $100 million fee to the actor to dawn the Iron Man armor one more time.

Unfortunately for fans and the studio, the actor turned down the offer by stating that he has become too old to play the role of Iron Man anymore.

Marvel studios is yet to come forward with some concrete news regarding Iron Man 4. However, one thing is for sure that if indeed another Iron Man movie happens, it won’t be released anytime before 2019-2020.

Stay tuned for more update on Iron Man 4.