Iron Man 4: Robert Downey Jr. Doesn’t Confirm His Role, Walks Out Of An Interview, And More News

The new revamped Spider-Man that Marvel and Sony is working on together might feature Iron Man 4. This will provide fans with the chance of seeing Iron Man in another movie venture before the expected release of Iron Man 4 in 2018.

In the new Spider-Man movie, Iron Man will be training the young Spider-Man to prepare him for the Avengers. The two are going to have some epic battle scenes, which will be part of the training program.

With Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing soon, the cast has been promoting the film all over the world and making appearances in interviews and talk shows. Robert Downey Jr. has always been known to be a smart talker and has outsmarted many an interviewer, but things became a little uncomfortable this time round.

In an interview with Krishnan-Guru-Murphy for Britain’s Channel 4, Robert Downey Jr. walked out of after questions became too personal and uncomfortable. The interview started normally with questions being asked about Iron Man and about the rumours surrounding Iron Man 4 and then things became nasty.

Guru-Murphy started asking Robert Downey Jr. questions about his past addiction, jail stint and his relationship with his estranged father and that was when the star decided to stop things and walked out.