Is Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Dating? 1989 Tour Has Highest Ticket Prices After Madonna’s Concert!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris seem to be making things official, or is it just us? Calvin Harris has started following Taylor Swift on Instagram! While this might not appear as a big deal, it does matter, people and it’s oh-so-cute!

Calvin Harris, the producer of ‘Summer’ follows only 123 people on Instagram and he has made his affection for the ‘Blank Space’ singer known by liking her recent posts on Instagram. The posts he liked, includes a video of Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia pretending to be a meerkat.

It was US Weekly who first brought to our notice that the two stalwarts of the music industry were dating after it was reported that the two were getting cozy the Brit Awards this year in February.

After the award show in London, Taylor flew out to Las Vegas to watch DJ 31 perform at Hakasan. Hakasan is the highest paid DJ in the world and there were quite a few celebrities attending his performance. After the performance, Harris and Swift were spotted spending quality time in Nashville.

Taylor is currently in Nashville, where she is rehearsing for her 1989 world tour. The two were then captured leaving the Los Angeles’ Troubador club and they were holding hands. A source told US Weekly and Taylor loves to be in love and it seems that after a string of heartbreaks, the right guy has arrived in her life.

After having one break up after another, Taylor was adamant to remain single, but she seemed to have changed her opinion after coming across Calvin Harris. He is older, wiser and way more mature than the other guys she has been with. He is sure to bring about more stability in their relationship, which Taylor has missed in the previous times.

While Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are famous and well known around the world, it was Taylor’s friends, the ladies of Haim who played match maker between these two. While on an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the singers said that they have been a big fan of the DJ for a very long time; Este Haim in particular.