Irina Shayk Shares First Photo With Bradley Cooper, Takes Her Mother Along For A Gala, Shares Her Beauty Secrets!

Irina Shayk wore a sheer flowy black gown. The dress consisted of a light knee-length slip that was layered with a full length sheer gown that reached till her ankle. She wore black stilettoes and kept her hair up in a bun.

The shimmering slip added to the appeal. Irina Shayk kept her make-up minimal and layered herself with a cape like coat to keep out the chill. Irina Shayk’s mother, kept it more formal with a stylish and chic black trouser suit.

According to W Magazine, Irina Shayk is the person one needs to go to if they want to look glamorous. The model, who has been around since 2007 has clearly made a name for herself. Having started off from Sports Illustrated, she quickly climbed up the ranks to become the most sought after model.

Irina Shayk came out to share some of her beauty secrets with her fans. She said that she never leaves her house without her Céline glasses. She always carries a sun block, a face massager, her swimsuit and the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Lipstick when she is travelling.

She said that her mother had always asked her to use an ice cube on her face after waking up as it gives her a natural lift. She recommends the use of high SPF sunscreen on the neck, hands and face since the skin on these areas are highly sensitive.

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