Irina Shayk: Selling Off Her New York Condo, Likely To Move In With Bradley Cooper, Confesses To Having A Crush On Naomi Campbell!

The pair of jeans was manufactured by hyperskin and the denim yoga pants as they are technically called; can be worn normally as a pair of denim as well. While talking to Xpose, Irina Shayk said that the pants are made from stretchable material and are designed for working out. They almost seem like a second skin and she loves wearing them even when she on the move while travelling.

Irina confessed that she hardly wears make-up on regular days. She said that she is too lazy to dress up and then clean it up before hitting the bed. All she does is apply some make-up around her eyes and put on dark red lipstick and leave her home. She also confessed to considering her work out clothes as essential items on her wardrobe.

She said that she has a huge crush on Naomi Campbell and admires how she dresses up. Irina Shayk said that she loves how Naomi Campbell can make a normal pair of jeans and sneakers glamorous with the right kind of accessories.

The model recently shared a Polaroid photo of her old self wearing a red bikini. In the photo, Irina was leaning against a wall while her hair was tousled and pulled on one side. Irina Shayk has been named one of the breakout beauty star by Vogue and she also became the international spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris recently.

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