Christmas Jerseys and Sneakers Added to the Latest NBA 2K16 Patch, New Locker Codes and Apparels Released!

The NBA on Christmas Day uniform for all thirty teams have been added through a new update of NBA 2K16. This is similar to the NBA Live update and includes all of those players who aren’t playing on 25th December. The uniforms are tied to the roster update similar to all the jerseys which have been added to NBA 2K16.

Keep in mind that this means they cannot be used in the existing save modes and you will need to start over in order to use them. Moreover, three new pair of sneakers was also added to the game.

This includes Air Jordan XI Low, Nike HyperQuickness 2015 and Nike LeBron XII Low. For a price of 2000 VC, you can purchase each pair of sneakers and add them to your MyPlayer. Last week, a fourth patch of NBA 2K16 went live and it came with a fix for the couch co-op bug along with many other game issues.

Here are some of the fixes that were introduced with the update. It addressed a hang which sometimes plagued the game when applying/editing tattoos in single player. One or more users in the co-op game would sometimes lose control of their players and this bug was resolved by the update.

Some users where seeing a disconnect issue during online games and this has been solved. In PC, there was a corruption issue fixed where users were experiencing hangs, infinite loads along with missing art assets. Furthermore, the virus scanning software used by the game needs to whitelist the Steam folder/directory.

This is required if you want your new content to download as well as install. There was an issue when the pause timer would stop counting down when sitting in the flow of Report image. The user interface was improved when applying contacts to the players in MyTeam.

This was executed by removing the display of the number of contracts that the player could possess if the present card was applied. Sometimes, a user accepting an online invite would skip the position selection screen and proceed all the way into matchmaking. This case was fixed by the update.

When you attempt to un-equip your headwear from the MyPark apparel section of the store, it should happen successfully. When a new user is signed in on the main menu, the player portrait will now get updated. In order to improve the overall user experience, numerous enhancements and optimizations were added.

According to a report from Australian Network News, NBA 2K16 will probably be enjoying Christmas since the latest batch of locker codes and all-new apparels have been made available to the game. Fans will be given the chance to play some iconic pro ballers from NBA together with the new set of locker codes. At the same time, present stars will be dominating the league. The codes of the legends roster are as follows:-

  • 85285-A1J16-S4OP6-EIO4R-DXSJ6 – Hassan Whiteside
  • GSUM3-ESARX-GXD3T-S3QJQ-FIETU – Shaquille O’Neil
  • PJHK3-E122X-LEZ9J-4VOWS-TS62R – Kristaps Porzingis
  • XFQDT-TMQ6Z-I1TM6-8Q8J5-WNJGQ – Isaiah Thomas
  • FZV7P-FQ9SU-SRNZZ-9AB27-9ZUUT – Michael Jordan
  • Q1585-CPEWU-HZNWY-WK2EW-V1E4C – Karl Malone

There are also new locker codes for future Hall of Fame characters which are still currently playing the season:-

  • NXYJ4-WQCRD-C2DQN-S36GF-TJMZ4 – Stephen Curry
  • AMIB1-95PFL-FD7LB-DQXHX-S7RBT- Carmelo Anthony
  • WR9KL-6NQ9Z-CWWGF-MVG4C-T3L8P – Paul George
  • 9BUQS-QTKDU-ASYJU-3W183-QVXBC – LeBron James

On a more exciting note, reports indicate that 2K Sports has begun collaborating with Marvel Studios. The official Twitter account for NBA 2K16 has revealed that there will be new codes designed for Super Hero themed Apparels.