Christmas Jerseys and Sneakers Added to the Latest NBA 2K16 Patch, New Locker Codes and Apparels Released!

This sounds quite apt since Marvel has been recently dominating the Superhero scene with the world-famous Avengers franchise.  It also includes the much-awaited Captain America Civil War movie.

There is also an accompanying photo which showcases the familiar tagline and logos from a list of prominent Marvel characters which include Hydra, The Punisher and Spiderman. 2K Sports earlier rolled out a promo from 4th to 10th December which released great cards in high levels of rarity. They could be attained if you play My NBA 2K16 on the same device.

Meanwhile, a fourth patch is being rolled out for NBA 2K16, which will coincide with the Christmas season. The game was first released on the PS4 with Xbox and PC versions released soon after.

Overall, 2K has a lot of amazing surprises planned for its fans during the Christmas season. Besides new gears, brand new jerseys and unlocked players, the NBA 2K16 fourth patch will be enjoyed by a lot of players.

In the official Twitter account of NBA 2K16, new locker codes were revealed for Kyrie Irving. He will be making his season debut on Sunday, during his game with Philadelphia 76ers. The tweet gave details regarding how to obtain Kyrie’s new shoes. The locker codes to get Limited Diamond Stephen Curry were also revealed by 2K Sports.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on NBA 2K16!