Iran finalizies deal with Boeing for 80 planes

The U.S plane making company Boeing Co. seals their deal with Tehran, Iran. The deal is about buying passenger planes worth $16.8 billion. The planes they are about to receive is a great improvement for the Islamic country, the benefits are huge.

This is the biggest agreement that Iran has signed with an American company since 1979. Iran’s aviation company which was held back by years of sanctions will improve a lot with this new deal. The sanctions they had were preventing the country from buying new planes from Boeing in Chicago, or from the European rival Airbus. Iran even had problems to receive most necessary plane parts over the past years.

With the deal with Boeing, Iran will receive 50 single-aisle 737 max 8s, and a new version of Boeing’s existing narrow-body 737 line. The deal also covers 30 777s, the typical twin-engine jets for long distance flights. Like the ones in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai.

Half of the planes ordered will be the 777-300ER version, and the remaining ones will be 777-9 model which is still under construction.

IRNA – the news agency of Iran reported that the planes will be delivered over the next ten years. The first one is set to arrive in 2018.

The U.S Government in Washington approved Boeing and Toulouse – The Airbus based in France to sell billions of dollars worth aircraft to Iran. The approval was needed from Washington because the planes manufactured by the following companies contain at least 10 percent American plane parts.

This is the next approval from the U.S and other powerful countries worldwide that Iran receives. The last approval they got was last year when the sanctions on Iran were removed for the country’s nuclear activities.

For other activities that do not include their nuclear program, the sanctions upon Iran still remain.

Iran’s nuclear deal was reviewed by President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican lawmakers. They criticized the deal but their conclusion was not removing the deal. The following approvement for Iran’s nuclear business was reached between U.S along with Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.

Abbas Akhoundi the Iranian Transport Minister said that this was a historical day to remember for the Iranian Aviation, and they are happy with the deal because it will open more than 8,000 jobs for Iranians.

“The deal has a clear message for the world: we support peace and security as well as the growth of Iran based on a win-win policy,”

“We hope that despite changes in the U.S. administration, the country will remain loyal to its commitments. – Abbas Akhoundi’s┬ástatement for the new Iranian deal.

Iran’s Aviation last received 250 planes before 1979, and from June this year only 162 planes were operational. The rest of them were lacking spare parts which they could not receive with the sanctions.

Today, Iran air offers a list of 43 planes and flights to over 30 international destinations.

This is a huge step for Iranian Aviation, as well as for their country.