Indian Archers And Boxer Keep Olympic Hopes High, Kristin Armstrong Wins Third Consecutive Gold, Another Pool Turns Green

This is a worrying situation for the NBC since it has a $12 billion deal to show the Olympics until 2032, and the drop in viewership isn’t going to be profitable for them. NBC has realized that it isn’t that the number of viewers watching the Olympics has dropped; rather that the viewers have taken to watching the live streaming of the events on Bravo and NBCSN.

The news of the Olympic pool turning green is all over the media (both social and otherwise) and before the organizers could come up with an explanation for it, the second pool in the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center has started turning green since Wednesday. The event took place right ahead of the preliminary water polo events.

FINA, the international governing body, said that the change in the color of the pool was caused due to the shortage of chemicals that are used to treat the water. This has caused the pH level in the pools to drop, and algae has started developing because of heat and the lack of wind. Mario Andrada, the spokesperson for the Rio Olympics, addressed the press and said that the water had been tested.

It has been ascertained that the chlorine and pH levels in the pool are within the required standards, and that the pools are going to be treated during the night to make sure that the water doesn’t affect the athletes.

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