Host Of Stars Attend Coldplay Concert, Gwyneth Paltrow Auctions Chris Martin’s Kiss, Fan Asks for Sex Live

Though the popular couple finalized their divorce after having separated in 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow remains one of Chris Martin’s biggest fans.

The founder of the lifestyle website Goop appeared sans makeup in her ex-husband’s concert at The Stephen Talkhouse in The Hamptons, New York, in a medium wash denim dress.

She finished off the summer look with teal tinted sunglasses and white sandals while having her blond hair loose.

Gwyneth was not the only star to appear in the concert. There was also Karlie Kloss, Calvin Klein, Katie Lee, and Alec Baldwin among others.

Also, there was Sarah Jessica Parker, who appeared with her husband, Matthew Broderick. And Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi. However, the show was stolen by star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, who walked into the concert once the band started playing.

At one point, when the music got too loud, Jay-Z played the concerned dad and covered daughter Ivy’s ears with his hands. The family stayed for only a few minutes before walking out.

The show in the enclosed area in the summer heat left everyone feeling hot and sweaty. There was no VIP section in the bar, so the celebrities had to find their place among the regular visitors and the locals, who had scrambled to get their tickets.

Jimmy Buffett, John McEnroe, and Patty Smith were caught up in the spirit of the moment and served as bartenders to delighted fans.

Unfortunately however not everyone was very accommodating. There was an incident involving Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel, who hurled her drink at some women when they blocked her view.

The star was sitting near Harvey Weinstein, Bon Jovi, and Ron Delsener, and in the heat, not many were intent on playing by the rules in the packed area.

When the three women were preventing her from having a proper look at what was going on in the stage, Frankel rudely asked them to move, which they did not. She then tried paying a security guard, who asked them more than once to sit down, to no avail.

That was when she decided to buy some water in a bottle and throw it at them.

In the process, Goldman Sachs Investment Banking boss Gary Cohn’s wife, Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, got doused as well. She is an influential Hampton. After the incident Frankel left, although it was just before the halfway point of the concert.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Frankel’s former co-star, and a fellow concert-goer was diplomatic when giving her version of the story to US Weekly.  She said that the coverage of the incident had shifted the attention away from the Wounded Warriors Project, which should have been the sole focus.

The concert lasted for around 75 minutes on Sunday evening, and was promoted as an effort to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The tickets sold out fast.

In the concert, organized by SiriusXM, along with their usual hits, they did a cover of ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie, who had incidentally refused to collaborate with them during his lifetime.

This had followed the band’s tour for their upcoming album Head Full of Dreams, and while performing at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Saturday, a female fan propositioned Chris Martin, the lead.

While this usually occurs in the case of boybands, it certainly made Chris Martin claim that he felt like he was fifteen again, when asked by a fan to have sex with her while he was performing live on stage.

Martin handled the situation very well, telling the fan that he would need to take her to dinner and have her give him a tour of Pittsburg before they got any further.

Then he regained his composure by introducing his song ‘Everglow’, which he said should be listened to seriously, keeping aside all the sexual stuff.