Imperium: Undercover Spy In The Neo-Nazi Den, Sneak Peek Into A Neo-Nazi Mind

A significant riot in the film emerged into downtown Hopewell, while the historic Brandon Plantation in the Prince George County witnessed a neo-Nazi wedding and a white supremacist conference was convened in the Beacon theater. Hence a special one-week screening of the film was held at The Byrd theater in Richmond from August 19 to August 25.

The success of Imperium also lies in the showcasing of the banality of evil in the white supremacists. Imperium is not a whodunit espionage movie, which would send shivers down one’s spine. Instead much of the suspense is created by the fact that would the neo-Nazi’s drop the virulent, lethal Caesium-137 in the water in the end or would Nate be able to change their mind.

All the actors Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Colette, Tracy Lett and Sam Trammel are at the zenith of their careers and have done justice to their characters.

Daniel Radcliffe, post-Hogwarts and after a transcendently good performance in Swiss Army Man, delivers yet another praiseworthy performance as the nerdy undercover FBI agent. Imperium, released on August 19 before the elections, could be revealing quite a few flaws in the system which go on to give rise to such bigotry.

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