Images of ‘Keian’ Leaked While Blackberry Porsche Design P’9983 Enters Singapore, And More Details

The glass-like keys it incorporates, adds a stylish touch to the device while retaining a solid vibe of elegance and luxury. The device delivers on the Blackberry Porsche promise. At the same time, the people using this Blackberry Porsche device will get a special pin of the 2AAXXXXX format. It will let other users immediately identify the device owner. It is both a community feature and a status symbol for some.

The device has received positive reviews so far, except for some critics complaining about the same BB10 line problems. This involves a lack of major apps along with some other serious issues. However, in the end BB10 users provide a solid offer for the business-oriented users who prefer performance above anything else for their devices.

In order to provide the best possible user-experience, the device has a greatly refined operating system and user-interface. Like before, the device includes an excellent Blackberry keyboard. It is clear that the company has placed a lot of effort into the making of this wonderful device. The Blackberry phones have a lot of potential left in them and hopefully the company will utilize it in the coming years. Meanwhile, critics are wondering where the P’9983 will land next.

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