Images of ‘Keian’ Leaked While Blackberry Porsche Design P’9983 Enters Singapore, And More Details

Blackberry has collaborated with Porsche for multiple times over the past few years. This resulted in various devices getting a refreshed makeover and also a hefty price tag.  However, if you are after a Blackberry Passport that has been given the Porsche design treatment, you should be in luck. Thanks to China-based DT Blackberry, a couple of images have leaked online. These belong to the alleged upcoming device known as Blackberry Porsche Design P’9984, dubbed as ‘Keian’.

The world famous Canadian company revealed their roadmap in MWC 2015 and officially announced this particular handset. Sadly, besides the name, not much info is available regarding the device while many hope that it is the Porsche Design variant of the Blackberry Passport. Although it cannot be confirmed but based from the keyboard and display in the leaked images, the device seems to be the Passport.

The photo also indicates a rather wide display but the device isn’t to scale and it’s difficult to determine the true identity of this device. Right now, there is no official report regarding the launch of this device. Meanwhile, Blackberry continues to release their devices on various different markets all around the world. In spite of some skepticism targeted at the company and its future prospects.

Blackberry continues to follow this trend. In the past few years, they have lost a major share of their place in the market the company still enjoys the appreciation of an active fan community who are excited about every new Blackberry Porsche release. The company continued with their Porsche Design trend and released a new device which made its way to the market in Singapore. After coming out in Hong Kong and Canada in the beginning, the Blackberry Porsche P’9983 was released in Singapore.

The phone is the Porsche Design variant of another Blackberry device with a more refined and stylish finish, aimed at buyers who prefer luxurious designs. Exclusively designed by Porsche, the phone makes use of high-quality materials all-over the device along with the keyboard.