HTC Vive Is the Best VR Machine at the Moment, A Feature-Rich Machine Built For the Most Immersive Gaming Experience, And More

At the same time, you get to enjoy the freedom of walking around in your own personal VR space, so most of us will simply ignore its weight whatsoever. You can play certain titles like Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives. Then you have Fantastic Contraption, which is one of the more interesting titles. In this game, you can build crazy machines using drag-and-drop tools.

The primary objective is to get a pink ball into a pink goal by any possible means. There are many other titles you can play on the Vive, like Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games, Elite Dangerous, #SelfieTennis, Tilt Brush, Cloudlands: VR Mini Golf and Hover Junkers. Sadly, none of them are quite awesome.

You need proper calibration with the Vive in order to play with it properly. Firstly, you need to adjust it. You must make sure that the cables are slipped into the top and the back loops on the straps. The side and back straps must be loosened and you must make sure that the rear strap sits on the back of your head.

The side straps must be adjusted little at a time until the face cushion fits comfortably against your face. Moreover, you need to calibrate for the clearest view. You can rotate the IPD knob in either direction until what you see in the headset is clear and crisp.

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