Hourman To Be The Villain In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Justice Society Of America To Be Featured, Expect Crossovers Between CW Shows!

While the usual cast members of Season 1 are going to be back to reprise their role in Legends of Tomorrow, Yibada has reported that there is a chance of Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, John Constantine, Black Siren joining the cast in the second season.

Fans have also said that they would want to see Green Lantern, The Spectre, Doctor Fate, Sandman, The Atom and Mister Terrific in the second season as members of the Justice Society of America.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently under production, but everything is very hush-hush with no scoops or snippets coming towards the fans. In such a situation, Caity Lotz has come out to inform the fans that the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 is going to be called Out of Time.

There is a lot of anticipation on what the title could mean. Some of the viewers are of the opinion that could hint at some new threat that is approaching the team, or it could be Hourman addressing their time traveling and warning them to stop it if they want to avoid trouble.

The time traveling premise with the heroes left to set history on the right track is going to be the backdrop of the entire series, but the focus is going to be on the Hourman and how the Justice Society and Rex Tyler’s team deal with him.

There was a lot of criticism for Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 and fans are hopeful that Season 2 will work on those.

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