History Channel Hasn’t Released Any Information On Vikings Mid-Season Premiere, Hirst Confirms Lagertha and Ivar to Play Important Roles!

Rollo had a shaky beginning in the Frankish court and has slowly solidified his presence there. His wife, princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski) hadn’t been very happy marrying him. She found Rollo barbaric, but Rollo knew that in order to solidify his stay in Paris, he will need the support of his wife and he went all out to change his demeanor to win her over.

The move paid off. Even though Gisla did laugh at his uncomfortable condition, she did believe that Rollo will be on their side even when the Vikings come to attack, since he had handed over his Vikings arm band to Gisla.

Some viewers had felt that Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) might be killed off in the midseason finale, but Hirst said that there is a lot left for the character. Lagertha is almost the heart and soul of Vikings and hence she cannot be killed off.

The shield maiden of the Vikings has some interesting things to do in the second half of Vikings Season 4. She has a story arc that will be dealt with in the second half of Vikings Season 4.

Lagertha was stabbed on the heart during the battle of Paris and she was completely kept away from the viewers after the time jump. This had given rise to speculations that Lagertha was killed off in the midseason finale. Hirst informed that Lagertha has come a long way and she has grown a lot since the time when she was the wife of a simple farmer.

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