High Life Week Released For GTA 5 Online, GTA Fans Want A New Biker DLC!

This includes Leather vests (open/closed), Bowl/Skull biker helmets (like Lost NPCs have in game), Riding goggles, Open leather jackets with shirts / hoodies combo, Variety of biker boots (Studded/Shinguard Boots, similar to what the Lost NPCs already have in the game) along with others like more grunge / dirty style clothing, tattered jeans and chains on jeans among others. The enthusiasts also want Additional chopper modifications.

This includes different categories of tanks for each bike, interchangeable and extended handle bars along with a greater variety of exhausts. There should be blacked out engines along with more color-options for tyres instead of the white-wall.

They have also asked for quality modifications, designs, paint jobs & livery. In the meantime, if Rockstar doesn’t want to give them their own shop, they should open up Benny’s to choppers and the players will gladly pay for their upgrades themselves.

They want to be given all the remaining bikes from TLAD – Diabolus, Zombie, Revenant, and Lycan & Nightblade or make something new at the same time (definitely not Sport bikes). Physical attributes are also in demand. Apparently, bike enthusiasts want long beards like Trevor, punk / rock hairstyles, greater variety of tattoos and piercings (similar to the LOST NPCs.).

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 5 Online!