Halo 5: Guardians Latest Spartan Locke Trailer Released, Co-Op Characters Are Blue Team Members and ODST Favorites, More Details

In the meantime, the identity of the fourth member of the Locke Squad is currently under speculation. It is expected that both Locke and Master Chief will run with their own squad. Both of them will be playable characters in Halo 5: Guardians with co-operative characters always being a focal point. Meanwhile, the main characters of the primary squad are still up for debate and hardcore fans of this franchise wish to see Linda and Kelly in a game versus the extended Halo universe. The Halo 5 image also features a large Forerunner creature that is taking up the space between Master Chief and Locke.

It was earlier revealed in the teaser trailer from E3 2013; however 343 Industries never stated that it would play a role in the game till now. The director of this franchise, Frank O’ Connor further declared that it’s not a War Sphinx. The setting of the latest revealed image seems to be the Elite Homeworld of Sanghelios. It was earlier teased for Halo 5 but now it’s confirmed.

Spartan Locke, the elite UNSC man-hunter has been featured in the latest Halo 5: Guardians revealed by Microsoft. He is dressed in the latest Spartan Locke Hinter-Class Armor. It is only presented to players who pre-order this exclusive Xbox Title from GameStop. The armor has been reported to be playable in the latest multiplayer mode of this title.

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