Half-Life 3 To Release in 2018? Rumors Claim VR Compatible, Still No Significant Update from Valve!

If indeed that is the case, the game will have quite a unique setting as players will reportedly be able to “walk inside the game.” Their immediate surrounding will be treated as the surrounding for the game and they will be able to interact with it which will in turn enable them to interact with the actual surrounding of the game itself.

Apparently, Valve is all set to revolutionize the gaming world with the introduction of VR compatible games. It looks like that the revolution will be kicked off with the much coveted Half-Life 3.

Some previous reports claimed that the game is being developed since 2009 and it will finally hit the market in the ongoing year. However, with the introduction of the VR technology, the developers decided to postpone the release date of the game to incorporate this new thing in the game.

The delay in the release date will enable the developers to acquire a better knowledge of the new technology and then incorporate it into the upcoming game.

In other news, Star Wars: The Force Awakens famed director J.J. Abrams confirmed that he is currently working in collaboration with Valve to develop movies based on Half-Life and Portal.

He confirmed the rumors in an interview in which he further added that writers have been hired to develop the script for both the movies. However, he could not provide any significant update on the matter apart from the above mentioned piece of information.

Stay tuned for more update on Half-Life 3.