Apple Macbook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Device Expected to Launch at WWDC in June 2016!

Microsoft Surface Pro is expected to release in 2016. Both Apple and Microsoft Surface Tablets have been updated merely a few months ago and the latest 13inch MacBook Pro came out in 2015 March while the 15inch version was released in 2015 May.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was released ion the market in 2015 October. Both Microsoft and Apple flagship laptops were only updated a few months ago but tech enthusiasts are already looking for newer versions of both these devices. Neither of these companies has confirmed their upcoming devices.

Even then, speculations about both these devices have already found their way online. Mac World revealed that the MacBook Pro 2016 would be powered by Intel Skylake processors and this will further increase the battery life of the laptop by 2 hours. The device will sport a Retina display and further run on El Capital OS.

There are rumors which indicate that MacBook Pro 2016 will have a touchscreen display. This display could be detachable like the Surface Pro. According to Tech Radar, Microsoft Surface Pro will have a longer battery life. The display of Surface Pro 4 is quite impressive at 2,736 X 1,824 pixels but in the upcoming model, people are hoping to see a 4K display.

Microsoft’s next Surface Pro will be equipped with USB Type-C port. At the moment, the latest version of the MacBook Pro sells between $1299-$1999 depending on size, processor and storage space. Further speculations suggest that the 2015 version will be sold at a discounted price once the new versions come out.

Price rumors indicate that the versions will be priced at $1,500 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 and $2,800 for the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016. Meanwhile, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro version should come with a price tag of $899. This is an estimate considering previous Microsoft price patterns.

No news about the Apple laptop was released during the company’s March launch event and as a result, MacBook enthusiasts were pretty disappointed. According to the latest reports, MacBook Pro 2016 should arrive by June, during WWDC event.

At the same time, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 will release by June to October. The MacBook Pro 2016 is one of the most interesting devices which will be released this year. According to rumors and speculations regarding its specs, the device is expected to arrive in June.

According to some sources, the exact date is 13th June, which is the first day of Worldwide Developers Conference. In the meantime, people have been guessing about 3 kinds of display for the upcoming MacBook: 12inch, 13inch or 15inch.

The further included Retina option comes with a sleeker design and the chipset will be an Intel 6th generation processor chip. Equipped with Skylake, the laptop will be more powerful and more efficient in processing data.

In the presence of OS X El Capitan, you now have a state-of-the-art machine. Numerous competitors in the market have already adopted this processor. The smart devices have been made more similar to the latest Apple developments.

In terms of internal storage, Apple might include a 256GB base storage for its new product. Biometric security is a new interesting addition to the laptop along with weather and news updates by Siri and Type-C USB ports. Although MacBook Pro 2016 was not mentioned in the ‘Let Us Loop In’ annual event hosted by Apple, you should wait for 13th June and check out if all the rumors are true.