Apple Macbook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Device Expected to Launch at WWDC in June 2016!

The MacBook Pro was expected to launch during the Apple event last month but the company only focused on iPhone SE and 9.7inch Apple iPad Pro. Mark my words; Apple will be able to do wonders with their upcoming device, considering the presence of the latest generation of Intel Skylake processors.

The device will have low power consumption and it won’t need a fan to cool it up. As a result, expect the device to be slimmer, sleeker and lighter. The MacBook Pro 2016 unit will be nippier. Besides Retina Display, the notebook will include further features like OLED screens, a Force Touchpad, Touch ID fingerprint scanner and USB Type-C port.

Right now, there are no leaks to indicate how the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 might look like but graphic designer Martin Hajek decided to create concept imagery showcasing what it MIGHT just look like.

He is no stranger to the creation of concept imagery for yet unreleased Apple products and he recently imagined what an ultraportable MacBook Pro would look like with a 15-inch display.

It borrows designs and angles from the 12-inch Retina MacBook and has the presence of Rose Gold Hue. The port-arrangement is similar to the one in the existing 15-inch MacBook Pro. Hajek’s concept showed us what the future MacBook might look like.

Stay tuned for more updates on MacBook Pro 2016!