Half Life 3 Story Might Be Complete but Development is Progressing at a Sluggish Rate, More Details

In the meantime, fan posters and supposed leaked images keep releasing on the internet but we should recollect what Gabe Newell said in March last year. According to him, the only reason their developers would decide to go back and do a super-classic product like Half Life 3 is only if a whole bunch of them wanted to do it and also had a valid reason as to why they wanted it.

Meanwhile, The Know teamed up with Superdata in order to figure out Valve annual turnover from Steam along with the microtransactions they take a part in their games along with third-party titles.

Overall, the figure was summed up to $700 million. Now, they calculated that if Half Life 3 was released and had a 30% increase in sales over its predecessor at 12 million copies, it would again come at $700million.

In the meantime, according to Ecumenical News, it is possible that Valve might be setting up a crossover between Portal and Half Life with the latest installment being set in the former’s universe. This report further claims that Valve might decide to take this ‘safe route’ as Portal already incorporates a lot of Valve elements in its gameplay.

What are your thoughts on Half Life 3? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!