Half Life 3 Rumors, Speculations, Predictions and Why Valve Should Develop It, More Details Here

Lately, rumors involving Half Life 3 have progressed from just being ridiculous to critically insane!  The rumors circulating right now are as far from the ‘ridiculous’ stage as possible. Half Life 3 is one of the biggest running jokes on the internet and things have ultimately gone far enough. The gamers need answers and soon. We are still expecting the possibility that one day Valve will disregard its multiplayer franchises and decide to return to its massively celebrated single player franchise, known as Half Life.

The last Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released all the way back in 2007 and since then Valve has released no information about a sequel or a further Half Life 2 expansion or DLC pack. Meanwhile, the developers from Valve have been rather tantalizing regarding this issue. They have carefully treaded between confirmation and denial through years of various interviews regarding the future of this franchise.

Valve’s refusal to completely deny the possible development of Half Life 3 has kept fuelling more rumors and speculations regarding this franchise. Valve officially announced the Source 2 Engine on 3rd March in GDC 2015. Since Half Life 2 and Counter Strike helped in the introduction of the first Source Engine, speculations regarding an upcoming Half Life game are currently rampant.

As of now, Valve has only revealed that the engine will be available free for developers and they have no word on the games or the prices that will be running with it. However, something big is approaching and for all we can guess, it might be Half Life 3.  The already fuming pot has been further stirred by the announcement of HTC Vive, the first virtual reality headset running on Valve’s VR Technology. The re-announcement of Valve’s Steam Machines has given rise to further excitement.