Half Life 3: Rumored To Be Developed By Naughty Dog, Game-Themed Easter Egg in Mad Max, And More Details

In a report by Moviepilot, it was stated that the game is being developed by a skeleton crew of just 10 people.

There’s a lot of speculation going on regarding the game as to whether it would be released or if the company is waiting for the right moment to announce its release date. As of now fans of the franchise would have to wait and hope to receive some kind of solid update regarding the game from its developers.

Fans found a Half-Life 3 Easter Egg hidden in the game Mad Max. Mad Max is an open world game developed by Avalanche.

To find the Easter Egg, players will have to drive to Grit Canyons in Gutgash’s territory. Once there, head to the northeast of the southern camp. Close to the convoy, near a cliff, a corpse could be found.

If the player looks closely, it could be seen that the corpse is wearing glasses that are similar to the ones that Gordon Freeman, the lead character of the Half-Life franchise wears in the game. Beside the corpse is a crate on which the severed hand of the corpse could be seen. It is holding a crowbar in its clutch and painted in orange on the crate is the number ‘3’.

Readers could check out the image here.

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