Throw the Perfect Halloween Party with The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack While Lucy General Manager Bradshaw Quits EA, And Details

Electronic Arts released The Sims 4 a year ago and in order to celebrate the anniversary, the developers have created an infographic. In order to celebrate the one-year anniversary for The Sims 4, EA released some interesting stats and it indicated how EA closely monitors every move made by Sims 4 players.

The developer Maxis also thanked players in a post on the Sims website and declared that they have a lot of great stuff planned for the future and this includes a new expansion that is titled ‘The Sims 4: Get Together’. According to the infographic, 93 million Sims were created in a year and this is equivalent to the population of Sweden, Spain and Canada combined.

In the meantime, players have also been enjoying a lot of woo-hoo, which equals sex in The Sims 4. Players have had woo-hoo for a total of 235 million times and they have tried for babies around 165 million times. At the same time, the countries with the most players include Germany, United States and UK.

Maxis expressed his feelings saying how time really flies when one is playing with life. Further stats regarding Sims 4 were also released. There was a 27,900 years of gameplay by players all over the world in one hour! That translates to 846,000 years when converted to Sim years. Furthermore, Sims was also highly romantic in nature.

In statistics for most popular traits, 7.4% came out romantic, 6.8% cheerful and 5.8% active in nature. On a happier turn of events, 27.5 million marriages have been recorded with only 1.7 million divorces.

This equals a 6% divorce rate which is actually 34% lower than the present US average. Meanwhile, the Sims died 5 million times and 184,000 of those deaths were caused by freaking Cow Plants! At the same time, the Sims were quite busy. They got to work. Here are the stats on the most popular careers:-

  • Tech Guru:- 15%
  • Culinary:- 12%
  • Entertainer:- 11%
  • Secret Agent:- 9%
  • Writer:- 9%
  • Business:- 8%
  • Other:- 36%

Overall, 90.2 million gallery uploads have been recorded with 5.1 million gallery downloads.

In other news, anything can be scary if you sprinkle some dark and scary music on it. However, after watching the latest trailer of the recently announced Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack, you may end up wanting to keep your lights on.

As the name suggests, this new Stuff Pack will introduce some horror to The Sims 4 in terms of new outfits, gameplay and objects. In short, the developers are trying to make The Sims 4 as scary as possible.  It will arrive just in time for Halloween and the Stuff Pack will get you in the spirit by helping you dress up Sims of all ages in a variety of stuff like ninja, witch, pirate costumes and much more.

The Stuff Pack further introduces a new kind of party known as the Spooky Party and these stuffs do not remain exclusive to it. A lot of creepy decorations will be introduced by the Spooky Stuff Pack. With a host of new decorations, you can turn your humble abode into a haunted house which comes with chilling tombstones.

Further crazy stuff includes a spirit-filled cauldron along with some possessed paintings that do more than simply looking back at you. Meanwhile, three new nasty recipes can be cooked up. They are a Zombie Cake, Spooky Cookies and an Eyeball Cheese Plate. Your Sims also have the chance to ask others to bring over a treat but chances are you will end up tricked because come on, its Halloween.