GTA Online Keeps Suffering From Hackers amidst Rumors of Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC!

According to International Business Times, Rockstar Games have announced through Rockstar Newswire that gamers can expect Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC in the first week of July with a lot of bonus treats. Among the new bonuses are several new game modes that were introduced in previous DLCs, like Last Team Standing.

GTA 5 Tipster and YouTuber funmw2 stated that the new DLC includes goodies like a Marksman Pistol and Knuckle Duster. Further leaked reports indicate that Rockstar might have added eight different customization options in order to modify these melee weapons. These are based on fighting skills and individual’s taste on GTA Online.

Further new bonuses to be introduced, include the Stunt Racing Mode, which was not included in the first DLC. At the same time, funmw2 declared that GTA 5 gamers have released several images which can be linked to the upcoming Mansion DLC through the existing game files from the GTA 5 High-Life update.

Stay tuned for more information on GTA Online!