GTA Online Keeps Suffering From Hackers amidst Rumors of Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC!

If you are not aware of the difference between GTA 5 and GTA Online, ask any ardent fans and they’ll tell that these games are practically separate. Most single-player campaign loving gamers aren’t too interested in the multiplayer aspects of an SP title but in the case of GTA Online, a lot of them are thinking differently.

In conclusion, GTA Online seems to be much more fun than that of GTA 5. However, there are two issues that are bugging Online gamers today. Firstly, there are long waiting times between races and matches.

Secondly, it has already been established that GTA 5 is immensely addictive but GTA Online presents a world outside of Franklin, Trevor and Michael. However, when you start Online on the PC, Xbox or PS, you are forced to meet people who are hell bent on ruining your online experience and Rockstar needs to find a way to reduce or remove this, in GTA 6.

Even though people playing on the console won’t experience the same level of hackers that PC gamers do, they are still quite prevalent. Each and every person playing GTA Online has witnessed these hackers and developed a bad taste in their mouth.

There are many exploits out there and many possible ways in which a GTA Online Gamer has experienced these hackers. Firstly, players shoot out money. Secondly, they can cause everyone to explode upon spawning. They can also create hacked lobbies and teleport anywhere. You will notice Christmas trees, UFOs or planes falling from the sky and they can use exploding rounds without any need to reload.

In brief, they have the complete capability of literally ruining your game. Mods are really fun, yes that’s admitted. However, you can utilize the maximum extent of fun in a Mod, when you are offline. When these things get introduced online to these extents, the resultant chaos is disturbing. Sadly, Rockstar is moving through these hackers at a very slow pace while ‘Online’ gamers keep facing issues.

Meanwhile, with the massive success of GTA 5, gamers are wondering what Rockstar Games plans to do with the upcoming 6th installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Currently, there are rumors circulating on a GTA 5 Online Heists Update introduced for Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2, but the more important question is when this will happen.