GTA 6 Rumors On Possible Location Settings and Speculations Regarding Characters and Lowrider Cars, More Details

Recently, popular YouTuber Domislive aka Dom has answered a lot of questions form fans regarding the launch of the upcoming DLC update information along with the location setting for GTA 6 online. All of this and much more was revealed during the Q&A series for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title.

He also answered questions about the next possible update and various challenges that are going to come to GTA Online. According to the YouTuber, the next DLC will comprise of Lowrider cars according to what was suggested by famous GTA Tipster funmw2. There are several questions about game world locations and Dom suggested three popular places which are New York, Miami and Las Vegas.

At the same time, there is also a remote chance that the new game could feature the entire map of USA as the game map. There was a third fan query regarding Dom’s identity and he happily obliged with a life-size photograph of himself.

He further admitted that the individual seen in the photo is him, wearing a tie. Dom also talked about the upcoming Rockstar Editor aka content creator for present generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One and presently it was confirmed that the new consoles will exactly get the same features as their PC counterpart.

At the same time, Dom further confirmed that the last-generation consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 would not be left out of upcoming DLC updates. However, it is possible that they can miss out some advanced graphics properties along with some gameplay features which can only be seen in the current-generation platforms like PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you have played Grand Theft Auto since a long time, you should keep yourself updated about new features, specifications and possibilities with the upcoming update. With every new Rockstar game, there comes a slew of updates and features that every gamer will prefer.

One of the more interesting features that is said to be revealed in the upcoming game is the presence of a new protagonist. With the upcoming game, a new female character will be able to make its entry into the GTA franchise.

Dan Houser, the founder of Rockstar had an interview with The Guardian and he further backed it up. He declared that the GTA team at Rockstar is currently doing their best to bring something new and exciting to the game and this includes the possibility of a female character addition.

He was asked as to why this want done before to which he replied that they didn’t discover the right way to include this character in the franchise. It is being rumored that the voice-actress behind this character will be Eva Mendes but nothing has been confirmed so far. At the same time, a lot of female gamers should be really excited about GTA 6 as there are rumors that Ryan Gosling will be entering this franchise.

However, right now we have no idea what kind of role he will be playing and nothing has been confirmed so far. In the meantime, a Reddit account introduced something new about the upcoming game where a world map can be created instead of the maps that people have always encountered.

VermillionDemonFox states that the upcoming world map will be composed of previous maps in Grand Theft Auto franchise. For example, Las Venturas will be a part of San Andreas this will be located in the southwest area. Although the information is a rumor, the possibility doesn’t sound quite farfetched.

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