GTA 6 Release Date Rumors and Speculations, New Updates on Upcoming Heists!

In the Prep 2 mission, there will be stealing of one of the three riot vans and then using it for something later. In the Prep 3 mission, a Merryweather convoy will be ambushed in order to steal a truck. In the finale, a chicken processing plant will have to be raided which is secretly a narcotic distribution center.

After that the shipment will need to be stolen and loaded onto a truck followed by selling the drugs on global market. In other news, fans have enjoyed a lot, jumping out of planes and then heading back to civilization using a parachute.

However, many have been begging Rockstar to add the Jetpack through which players gain the freedom to travel around the map in any way they like.

Let’s see if Rockstar includes it in a future DLC or the upcoming GTA 6. With Trevor, Franklin and Michael, we’ve had a lot of fun in Grand Theft Auto V and right now fans are waiting for the next teaser trailer that reveals Grand Theft Auto 6.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6!

4 thoughts on “GTA 6 Release Date Rumors and Speculations, New Updates on Upcoming Heists!”

  1. Hey the new gta 6 sud be i miami,florda,anD ga the new gta 6 i hope be be better the new one u sud still custmize cars trucks motorcycles and bikes of any size and u sud custmize them how ever u want like lower or jack them up or down and gta 6 u cud talk flirt or talk mean and it sud be at cell phone still i i like gta 6 have new and old cars and trucks

  2. Top features they should add :
    1. Upgrade/Customize your weapon.
    2. Buying a house or make one of your own.
    3. Owning pets
    4. Make all the buildings accessible
    5. More and better radio stations
    6. Easter Eggs
    7. Ghosts Or Monsters
    8. Haunted places
    9. Combat Training like karate or judo
    10. Better Cars
    11. Please this gets annoying please make NPCs use different cars
    12. Trailer house that’s drivable
    13. Street racing
    14. Stock Market
    15. Splitscreen is better than online
    16. Main place New york but i like it the whole United States
    17. Better Weather
    18. Have a Family / Marriage
    19. Being able to work out
    20. Last is More Military bases

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