GTA 5 Online: Brand New Cars Coming Via DLC, Drawing 8 Million Players Every Week!

A Net revenue of $364.9 million was reported by the company for the said quarter which when compared to the Net revenue of the same period last year of the company, showed an increase of 169 percent.

The company also stated that there has been a significant growth in the microtransactions sales of GTA Online during the quarter. Recurrent consumer spending has also been a big source of income for the company. There has been a thirty-nine percent growth in this area in the said quarter.

Purchase of DLCs by consumers, sales of in-game virtual currencies and online subscriptions are some of the things included in recurrent consumer spending. Take-Two stated that GTA Online has fetched the maximum amount of earnings via recurrent consumer spending in the quarter ended September 30.

GTA Online records 8 million players logging in to play the game every week which far outmatches EA’s Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. These two games record a combined player draw of 6 million every month.

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