Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Meredith and Amelia will Get along, Luddington Gives out Plot Info, And More

This means that there are chances of Arizona and Callie (Sarah Ramirez) coming together. Capshaw hinted at them coming together, but didn’t confirm if they would be just good friends or more than that.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 might see April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) in trouble. The couple hit a rocky road when they lost their new born baby boy. The loss of their son affected the two of them and Sarah Drew has said that with that April realized that she needs to take some important steps in their life.

April had revealed to Avery that she would like to apply in the Army and serve there and Avery didn’t seem very open about the idea. Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 might see the couple heading for a divorce. Fans are, however, hopeful that they will not separate.

With important characters leaving the show, there will be a new face this season. Martin Henderson is expected to join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 and rumor has it that he might even romance Meredith Grey.

Another cast member will become a permanent face in the upcoming season. Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) will become a permanent cast member. He will be returning to Seattle along with Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

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2 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Meredith and Amelia will Get along, Luddington Gives out Plot Info, And More”

  1. I definitely want to see Jo and Alex together and happy. They are so good together and for one another. Also Amelia and Owen. I feel like they balance one another out and are good together. They both deserve to be happy. Owen was kindof a mess when Christina left and broke his heart. And Amelia has been through a lot as well. Both on Private Practice and On Grey’s Anatomy. She definitely deserves to be happy and loved. Also Maggie, I’d love to see a good love interest for her as well. I want April and Jackson to work it out and stay together. I absolutely love them together. And while I like Bailey, I absolutely DO NOT want her to be chef. Bailey is cocky as hell and is sometimes to ride for me. And I don’t think she’d be receive or preceivedor well as chef. Let Owen stay chef and be with Amelia. And I’d love to see Callie and Arizona see who they are without one another but towards the middle of the season relies they love each other and want to be together and be a family.

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