Gran Turismo 7 Expected To Release by Autumn 2016 or Early Next Year, More Information

It has a hybrid power-plant combining electric motors with a V-10 engine that generates around 2,590 horsepower. Recently, Yamauchi was in Paris, unveiling the Peugeot Vision GT Concept and revealed that the partnership between Peugeot and Gran Turismo will continue in Gran Turismo 7.

He also discussed about issues that plagued the previous titles in relation to damage and crash physics. He mentioned that these problems will be totally solved in the upcoming installment. Many premium cars have been confirmed but there were no further details other than their presence in the upcoming title.

Yamauchi was questioned regarding the rumored 2018 release. He sounded quite emphatic in response which leads us to believe that we can expect the 7th installment in autumn 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates on Gran Turismo 7!